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Spare parts support

Spare parts support

Spare parts support

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a. Beiyu people promise to always provide customers with high-quality equipment, including supporting spare parts, and attach great importance to product quality. Despite this, Beiyu people did not give up the importance of human technology management and service, and specifically set the following service commitment terms:
Strictly follow the promises in the contract: specifications, models, manufacturers, and uniform materials that meet the contract standards. For parts not covered in the contract, we will do our best to choose the highest quality and reliable products to provide customers. The products are well-known brands at home and abroad, and the spare parts, specifications, quality and parts on the equipment are 1:1 genuine.
b. Spare parts supply:
According to the degree of equipment wear and the number of disassembly and assembly, the number of spare parts and spare parts is strictly calculated to achieve a unified life and a unified standard large-scale maintenance period.
Special project research and development:
With the progress of society, there are always new requirements. Beiyu has made various responses and has a strong R&D team to respond to market needs. In terms of hardware, the company currently has 6 test equipment. Various sizes, specifications, forms of multi-arc machines, intermediate frequency magnetrons, DC magnetrons, electron gun evaporation, optical machines, diffusion furnaces, nano-powder equipment, etc., have done everything to respond to and welcome customers to come to research and develop.
1. First-class technical team support
There are 20 R&D personnel, 2 Ph.Ds, 2 senior engineers, with many years of experience.
1. Guarantee of first-class experimental equipment: a complete set of laboratories, from workpiece cleaning to coating, from rod powder to powder making to learning to manufacture measuring equipment, Beiyu Vacuum has many experimental machines, in the form of cathode arc, intermediate frequency magnetron , DC magnetron, optical machine, nano-powder equipment, etc. to ensure the implementation of technology.
2. Beiyu not only has a strong R&D team, but also horizontal team support, such as the strong support of well-known domestic universities and R&D units, such as: Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Corrosion, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Institute of Technology, Dalian University of Technology Technical support from the University, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, Tomsk University in Russia, etc.
3. There is a set of strict management assessment system to ensure the completion of R&D projects on schedule.


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