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Do you know these details when using vacuum equipment?


Do you know these details when using vacuum equipment?

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1.Thevacuumequipmentisusedtoeliminatetheinfluenceoftheatmosphereonthepurityofthesampleduringtheexperiment. 2.Donotcarryelectronicproductsduringtheoperation. 3.Theexperimentoperatormustwearspecialopera
1. The vacuum equipment is used to eliminate the influence of the atmosphere on the purity of the sample during the experiment.
2. Do not carry electronic products during the operation.
3. The experiment operator must wear special operating gloves for vacuum equipment to operate, and cannot directly touch the vacuum equipment.
4. Vacuum equipment accessories should be stored in a dry box, and away from corrosive chemical gases or liquids.
5. Vacuum equipment needs to be wiped regularly, and clean paper or cloth with alcohol or acetone should be used for cleaning.
6. The laboratory should maintain a certain degree of dryness, and the experiment operator should check the humidity and temperature of the laboratory daily.
7. The laboratory should maintain good ventilation to avoid the influence of mechanical pump oil and gas.
8. If the foreline pump of the vacuum equipment uses an oil pump, the desiccant and oil should be replaced regularly.
9. The operator should pay attention to the temperature of the molecular pump used in the vacuum equipment to avoid overheating and shorten the life of the instrument.
10. The operator should put in nitrogen or liquid nitrogen after the molecular pump speed drops below the safety line.
11. The operator should pay close attention to the loss of the power interface of the high-voltage ion pump to prevent the operator from getting an electric shock and ensure safety.
12. The operator should start the ion pump when the vacuum degree reaches 1×10-8mbar or more.
13. When operating, the experimenter should strictly follow the operation steps of each vacuum equipment to switch the valve to prevent back-pumping caused by the air pressure difference.
14. Do not conduct experiments when the alarm bell is ringing, and notify the person in charge of the laboratory and maintenance personnel for inspection immediately.
15. In case of special circumstances, all persons present should be notified immediately to leave and cut off the power supply of the vacuum equipment.


Do you know these details when using vacuum equipment?
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