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Warmly welcome teachers and students of Northeastern University to visit our unit


Warmly welcome teachers and students of Northeastern University to visit our unit

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OnJuly16,2019,teachersandstudentsfromNortheasternUniversitycametoourcompanyforastudyandavisittoourcompany.  ThiscourseismainlybasedonthespecificexplanationofthecompanystrategyandproductknowledgebyChai
On July 16, 2019, teachers and students from Northeastern University came to our company for a study and a visit to our company.
This course is mainly based on the specific explanation of the company strategy and product knowledge by Chairman Guan Bingyu, combined with the production site observation method. Mr. Guan has formulated a detailed visit plan and accompanied and explained the students throughout the process according to the professional characteristics of the students. In the exhibition hall Li Guan focused on explaining our company's corporate philosophy and corporate culture. The core team members of our company are all born in the 70s and 80s. Because of the common values ​​of "gratefulness, integrity, learning, and innovation", everyone gathers together in the field they love.
Through Mr. Guan's explanation, the students had a more comprehensive and profound understanding of the vacuum industry, our company's products, and the competitive advantages of our company's products in this industry. During the visit, Mr. Guan also gave patient and meticulous explanations on the questions raised by the students. After the explanation in the exhibition hall, Mr. Guan led everyone to visit the production line of our company’s workshop. From the beginning of the establishment, the company has focused on innovation and research and development. The product equipment is manufactured by drawing the drawings and making the components, and then the first, second, and third generation production equipment is also independently developed. It has reached the international leading level. During the visit, the students built an intuitive impression of the vacuum equipment production line. The production line that is usually only in books or people's mouth is now displayed in front of you.
After visiting the workshop, Mr. Guan organized a lunch for everyone, and organized a brainstorm and feedback during the lunch. The students spoke one by one about their own feelings and gains during the study. The students said the most I didn't understand or only had vague concepts about vacuum equipment in the past. Through this field visit and learning, many psychological doubts were eliminated. At the same time, I have a more intuitive impression of the production and processing of vacuum equipment, which has benefited a lot. The students also expressed their admiration for Beiyu's strategy and dedicated technology research and development.


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Warmly welcome teachers and students of Northeastern University to visit our unit
Congratulations to our company for successfully passing the 9000 certification audit again this year