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iPhone X Why choose PVD technology stainless steel frame?


iPhone X Why choose PVD technology stainless steel frame?

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In 2007, the first generation of iPhone released. Ten years, Apple released a total of twelve generations of nineteen iPhone. This year is the tenth anniversary of Apple's mobile phone, Apple released three iPhones in one breath, which attracted people's attention is the iPhone X
The new release of the three iPhone are double-sided glass + metal frame design
1. Why stainless steel
iPhone X as Apple's high-end flagship machine, in exchange for the iPhone 4 series with a similar front and rear cover glass and then supplemented with stainless steel frame design. As we all know, aluminum alloy box has many advantages, as follows:
1) Aluminum alloy excellent overall performance
2) Cheap aluminum, stainless steel expensive
3) aluminum alloy material dyeing strong
4) beautiful appearance, low density aluminum makes the device thin
5) strong metallic texture, easy processing of high-end, beautiful feeling
6) high temperature, leaving no fingerprints, anti-static, environmental non-toxic
Aluminum alloy is hailed as the gift of God's 3C industry, at the same time there are so many advantages, then why not choose far and near stainless steel?
iPhone 6 has been a hubbub of curved doors
Lenovo has been uproar "iPhone 6 curved door," the obvious drawback - aluminum soft, light bump marks, heavy bending deformation. At the same time, double-sided glass / ceramic phone / full screen era, have put forward higher requirements for the mobile phone border, stainless steel frame is also a trend.
Stainless steel as the phone's advantages and disadvantages of the box
Although stainless steel processing difficult, working hours will increase, the cost is high. But there are still some mobile terminal companies choose stainless steel as the middle frame material. This one iPhone 4 contributed.
iPhone 4 strong, bright and avant-garde stainless steel frame
From the iPhone 4, the millet 4 to the iPhone X, the millet 6, stainless steel in the aluminum-alloy mobile phone in the world also broke a remarkable and sustainable road.
Stainless steel in the development history
2. Using stainless steel, you can not escape the craft and other material choices
The future of mobile phone will be ceramic, glass is dominant in appearance, and the requirements on the middle frame will be higher. High-strength aluminum alloy or stainless steel must be used, while the latter is more inclined from the strength point of view.
Stainless steel phone so afraid of bending
The mainstream of stainless steel surface treatment process - PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition, physical vapor deposition) technology. After "sandblasting, brushed or polished + PVD", the metal surface can be coated with a highly hard-coated, highly wear-resistant decorative coating.
PVD technology is currently the international science and technology and is widely used in ion plating technology. which has a coating uniform and dense, strong adhesion, good plating, deposition speed, low processing temperature, plating a wide range of materials and other characteristics.
The selection of PVD process puts forward new requirements for the selection of nano-injection molded parts: taking the vacuum evaporation method as an example, a method of heating the metal under high vacuum to melt, evaporate and cool the metal film on the surface of the sample, To get the same mirror-like surface.
PVD process
Because of the stainless steel frame processing technology involving PVD and laser engraving process, processing temperature up to 180 degrees, which requires nano-injection molding material to be able to withstand high temperatures. High temperature nylon (HPPA) came into being, especially in connection with stainless steel, composite metal, liquid metal.
Follow-up laser engraving process on the matching of other related materials also have requirements
3. Nano injection material selection
Due to the RF signal can not penetrate the metal, in most cases require special processing design. The common method is to cut off the metal frame in the place where there is an antenna and carry out the injection molding connection at the cutoff place.
Commonly used nano-injection molding materials are PPS (polyphenylene sulfide), PBT (polybutylene terephthalate), PA (nylon, polyamide) and PPA (poly phthalamide) and so on. Due to the high processing temperature of the stainless steel middle frame, the actual use of nano-injection molding material needs high temperature, high temperature nylon HPPA belongs to meet the requirements of one of the emerging and cutting-edge materials.
HPPA, a type of PPA with excellent material properties, is the perfect match for stainless steel mid-frames.


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