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Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects

Turnkey projects

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Turnkey project (private custom)
Have a complete set of design → processing → commissioning → site design → site management system
Tailored for the user
1, the company has always been based on the concept of customer first, customer demand is our consumption of rice.
2, the company has all the products produced by special technicians clearance, pre-production at the factory.
3, the company has professional and technical personnel, according to turnkey standards for customer assistance equipment design, production and put on the site placed on the environment requirements and how to rectify to meet the requirements of a series of free services.
4, and sales in the hot zone equipment sales service point. If the Pearl River Delta service points in Shenzhen, the Yangtze River Delta in Suzhou, on call.
5, the company also set up specifically for new customers to accept the form of lectures and hands-on counseling until the Church to work independently.


In June 2017, our company took part in the Vacuum Industry Association held in Shenzhen and gained great achievements.
In April 2017, our company passed the high-tech reexamination once in three years.
In March 2017, our company's new invention patent has been approved.
My company in the first quarter of 2017, once again created new success.
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