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After-sales service

After-sales service

After-sales service

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Beiyu company for a customer service.
Beiyu company's consistent philosophy is "quality first, quality is the lifeline of enterprises," runs through each of the hearts of North Yu. In spite of this, there must be first class service. Not only guarantee pre-sales training, good after-sales service, but also regular visits, after-sales advice, so that customers worry-free.
a, equipment installation and commissioning
Equipment to the customer, North Yu engineers will be required to conduct field trips to customers without asking, according to the customer side of the venue for professional water, electricity, gas and other reasonable design and layout, and customers do a good job with the future equipment Put the location and other related issues.
After the equipment arrives at the site, it will be installed under the guidance of an engineer at Beiyu. After everything is ready, engineers will operate the test machine, until everything is normal, and then handed over to the customer test, until after the contract index in the process of debugging until qualified products. After the equipment can work normally and both parties pass the inspection and acceptance, the commissioning engineer leaves, that is, the installation and debugging ends.
b, since the equipment acceptance, customers will enjoy a one-year service company of North Yu free
c, lifelong free technical support, technical advice and technical services.


In June 2017, our company took part in the Vacuum Industry Association held in Shenzhen and gained great achievements.
In April 2017, our company passed the high-tech reexamination once in three years.
In March 2017, our company's new invention patent has been approved.
My company in the first quarter of 2017, once again created new success.
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