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Vacuum other products

Vacuum other products

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1. Preparation of nano powder by arc method
Under vacuum conditions, using the principle of arc discharge, the material to be powdered is vaporized under arc discharge conditions to produce nano-powder. After the collection, the powder is collected, the powder is collected (glove box), and the purification is completed during the powder collection process. The process of oxidation, liquid protection, etc. is completed to collect nano powder. At present, it is widely used in engine lubrication and military industry.
2. Vacuum low temperature vulcanization
Under vacuum conditions, sulfur is evaporated and deposited on the surface of the workpiece through the principle of high-voltage discharge. At the same time, as plasma is generated around the workpiece, the surface of the workpiece is activated, and some sulfide ions penetrate into the workpiece. Because it is under vacuum conditions, the temperature can be made very low, and the time is shorter to achieve its purpose.
At present, this technology is widely used in friction bodies, such as rolling steel, roller friction rollers, body and other dry grinding parts, and it is a good method that must be adopted without lubricant.
3. Vacuum carburizing and nitriding equipment (glow nitriding furnace)
Under vacuum conditions, negative high pressure is applied to the workpiece, and gas such as reaction gas or acetylene is filled at the same time. Because the workpiece has a negative high voltage, a glow discharge is generated in the vacuum furnace to ionize the gas and activate the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, the surface material of the workpiece is modified to achieve nitriding, carbonization (nitriding),
4. Vacuum diffusion furnace:
Under vacuum conditions, the plated workpiece is converted to high temperature, and the plated material is used to further diffuse into the metal structure of the workpiece surface at high temperature, so as to achieve good bonding force, low stress, and give full play to the coating effect.
5. Vacuum brazing furnace
Under vacuum conditions, the two workpieces are melted by heating solder, and the two workpieces are welded together. The usual method is: in a vacuum, high-frequency induction heating is used to heat the weld to the soldering temperature to make it welded. The advantage of this method of welding is that the welding is firm and there is no welding defect, which is currently the ideal welding. Its disadvantages are low efficiency and high investment cost. Therefore, it is mainly used in extremely demanding parts, such as military industry and aerospace.
6. Vacuum exhaust station
The process of using the vacuum principle to exhaust the gas inside the container. At present, the company has a vacuum exhaust station for solar collector tubes. Various exhaust tables can also be designed according to requirements.
Vacuum other products


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