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Vacuum other products

Vacuum other products

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1, arc preparation of nano-powder
Under the vacuum condition, the principle of arc discharge is adopted, the material to be pulverized is vaporized under the condition of arc discharge to obtain nano-powder, the collected powder is collected, the collected powder is collected, the powder is purified, Oxidation, liquid protection and other processes to complete the collection of nano-powder. Currently widely used in engine lubrication, military and so on.
2, vacuum vulcanization
Under vacuum, sulfur is vapor deposited on the surface of the workpiece by the principle of high voltage discharge. At the same time as the plasma around the workpiece, the workpiece surface activation, some sulfur ions into the workpiece. Because it is under vacuum conditions, the temperature can be made very low, when the time is short, to achieve its purpose.
At present, the technology is widely used in the friction body, such as rolling, friction roller, dry body at the body, without lubricant, you must use a good way.
3, vacuum carburizing, nitriding equipment (glow nitriding furnace)
Under vacuum conditions, to the workpiece to a negative pressure, while filling the reaction gas or acetylene and other gases. As the workpiece with a negative pressure, resulting in glow discharge in a vacuum furnace, the gas ionization, the workpiece surface activation, the workpiece surface material modification, so as to achieve nitriding, carbonation (nitriding)
4, vacuum diffusion furnace:
Under vacuum conditions, the workpiece will be plated, transformed through high temperature, the use of materials to be plated at high temperatures further to the metal surface of the workpiece surface diffusion, so as to achieve good binding force, stress, give full play to the coating effect.
5, vacuum brazing furnace
Under vacuum conditions, the two workpieces are melted by heating the solder and the two workpieces are welded together. The usual practice is: in a vacuum by high-frequency induction heating the welding heat to reach the temperature of the welding solder to weld, this method has the advantage of welding welding firm welding-free defects, is the ideal welding. The disadvantage is inefficiency, high input costs. Therefore, the main applications in demanding parts, such as military, aerospace.
6, vacuum exhaust station
Use vacuum principle to discharge the gas inside the container. At present, the company has a solar collector vacuum exhaust Taiwan. Can also be designed according to the requirements of a variety of exhaust Taiwan.
Vacuum other products


In June 2017, our company took part in the Vacuum Industry Association held in Shenzhen and gained great achievements.
In April 2017, our company passed the high-tech reexamination once in three years.
In March 2017, our company's new invention patent has been approved.
My company in the first quarter of 2017, once again created new success.
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