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Vacuum coating

Vacuum coating

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1, resistance evaporation plating
2, electron gun evaporation plating
3, two sputtering
4, two magnetron sputtering
5, three magnetron sputtering
6, IF dual pulse magnetron sputtering
7, the cathode arc
8, hollow cathode
9, PECVD plasma chemical vapor deposition
1, Resistance evaporation plating: Under the vacuum condition, electric heating or electron gun heating forms the materials to be vaporized, and deposits on the objects to be plated to evaporate.
2, electron gun evaporative plating: In vacuum, the use of accelerated electron bombardment coating material heating evaporation, and the formation of the film. This is also a kind of evaporation plating. The features are as follows: Electron gun emits electron beam with extremely high energy density, heating temperature can reach 3000-6000 ℃, can evaporate insoluble metal or compound, and is widely used in optical coating.
3, two sputtering: Under vacuum conditions, the object to be plated material (object) with a high negative voltage, the chamber with a positive voltage loop. Secondary discharge will be plated object sputtering down attached to the object to be plated to form a secondary sputtering.
4, two magnetron sputtering: In the secondary sputtering, the cathode plus the magnetic field. The magnetic field and the secondary electric field form an orthogonal electromagnetic field. During the discharge process, the electron spirals on the target surface to increase the plasma density and hence the sputtering rate. Therefore, the magnetron sputtering sputtering rate is much higher than the secondary sputtering.
5, three magnetron sputtering: magnetron sputtering is based on another pair of electrodes to form three sputtering. Three sputtering than the magnetron sputtering ionization rate higher, while the film adhesion, coating quality has improved.
6, IF dual-pulse magnetron sputtering: is based on the magnetron sputtering DC power supply to the IF double pulse power supply, while a power supply with a pair of magnetron target, forming a loop between the two targets, this method of splashing Medium frequency dual pulse magnetron sputtering, it has many superior properties compared with magnetron sputtering, especially in the plating reaction film, the oxide film are not easy to poisoning; target can work long-term stability. Magnetron sputtering is now used more methods are dual-frequency magnetron sputtering. Decorative coatings, lamps, tools and automotive industries have a wide range of applications.
Vacuum coating


In June 2017, our company took part in the Vacuum Industry Association held in Shenzhen and gained great achievements.
In April 2017, our company passed the high-tech reexamination once in three years.
In March 2017, our company's new invention patent has been approved.
My company in the first quarter of 2017, once again created new success.
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