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Liaoning BeiYu Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.



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Love: people-oriented, talent as the core, talent is a strong impetus to the development of enterprises, cherish talent.
Lead talent: improve and perfect the introduction mechanism of talents, introduce talents with both ability and political integrity, provide a good and continuous supply of talents for our rapid development.
Yucai: explore plastic talent, cultivate talents, to nurture the main, the establishment of loyalty, good style, excellent skills, noble character of the talent team.
Cherish: Cherish the opportunity for enterprises and staff to live together, cherish the best people, do their best to make the best use.
Bio-talent: Encourage employees to innovate, continue to pursue, continue to go beyond, so that the exemplary role of talent influence, influence and encourage more staff talent.
Talent Concept: Talent is the core values ​​of those who agree, with the core competitiveness, and constantly improve their professional ability, continue to create value for the group of people.
Conditions of employment: regardless of academic ability, regardless of seniority contribution
Employment standards: professional, professional, dedicated, happy industry
Employment principles: wide acceptance, caution, hard-working, rigorous
Evaluation of people: In fact, we say, say it yourself
Transfer principle: first change of thinking, and then change the location, after the substitutions, can go up and down
Staff mentality: zero, learning, business, positive, caring, persist
Human Resource Culture: Performance Culture, Responsible Culture


Do you know these details when using vacuum equipment?
Team building with the theme of "Team melting, quality development"
The basketball game between Beiyu Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. and Xinjinbo Technology Co., Ltd. is starting!
Warmly welcome teachers and students of Northeastern University to visit our unit
Congratulations to our company for successfully passing the 9000 certification audit again this year